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Marine boilers repair

In case of report a breakdown of marine boiler, we offer:

  • prepare expertise concerning boiler technical condition- we send our experts in any part of the world in order to propose our customers possible ways of repair and detailed cost-term calculations
  • prepare and approve in a given Qualifying Society boiler repair manual
  • purchase any indispensable metallurgical materials and obtain for them any required certificates in appropriate laboratories
  • carry out all prefabricated works in our company workshop under surveillance of the Qualifying Society
  • send on the vessel all indispensable parts required for boiler repair
  • carry out repairs and assembly-welding works by our highly skilled staff. Our workers carry all approved licenses.


In the field of repairing marine boilers Pirometal Ltd. offers:

  1. “VX” donkey boilers produced by Gdańk Shipyard,
  2. “LA” waste-heat boilers produced by Gdańk Shipyard
  3. “KW” donkey boilers produced by Gdańk Shipyard
  4. Donkey and waste-heat boilers produced by the leading companies such as: AALBORG, KAWASAKI,OSAKA ,FOSTER WHEELER and others.